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Join Fuzz, the little "Zooter" from the Andromeda galaxy, and his pet space dog Ditto, as they venture forth in search of new galaxies to explore. They inadvertently land at the tip of Africa where they meet up with four local children who act as ‘tour guides’ to the newcomers, taking them on two amazing journies.
The children, Thandi, Greg, Cathy and Thulani, introduce players to activities such as cooking, a treasure hunt and turtle watching that are designed to teach over 40 literacy, numeracy and life skills. The strength of the games is that children immediately connect with Fuzz and Ditto’s endearing and real qualities, children can relate to the characters and the situations portrayed in the games.
The games have been designed to help children learn in a way that is both entertaining and educational. Their holistic approach to learning will foster social and environmental awareness in children as they help Fuzz and his friends solve "red alert" calls for help, sent out during each game. These include raising money for endangered wildlife, helping the animals to find a waterhole during a drought and taking a sick animal to the animal sanctuary for treatment...
These computer games are designed for Windows.

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